Our events range between 50 and 1,300 guests, with listings, photo galleries, segments and editorial press from major news outlets as well as international press and coverage from the blogoshphere. These include:

"Step Back In Time With These Vintage Styles From The 1940s - This Memorial Day, photographer B.A. Van Sise traveled for BuzzFeed News to the unique "Battle of the Big Bands" event at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City. Featuring the music, fashion, and charm of the World War II era, this one night a year offers guests a chance to step back in time and to be whisked away to the ’40s. Here, B.A. Van Sise captures the fashion and vintage swagger of this special night..." [ link to full story ]

"The Intrepid is officially returning to battle. For the third year, the Battle of the Big Bands is set to take over the flight deck of the aircraft carrier-turned-museum docked in Hell's Kitchen with a night of swing dancing, vintage fashion and, yes, very big bands..." [ link to full story ]

Time Out NY (August 2017) - THINGS TO DO: Best Events
"PROHIBITION SATURDAYS: Eschew the typical weekend bar cover at this weekly prohibition-style rager. Expect live jazz and swing music, dance lessons, food by chef Jeff Srole, and cocktails by mixologist Eryn Reece..."

Wall Street Journal (July 6, 2017)
 A PROHIBITION TOUR - full page article opens with  our "New Years Eve Eve"  at The Players Club.
“IT FELT LIKE a furtive liaison from a vintage film noir. After midnight, downtown Manhattan seemed deserted: I barely saw another soul on the streets as I scurried past the wrought-iron fences of Gramercy Park. When I finally located the awning of the Player’s Club, a stately old mansion on the park’s south side, a hulking doorman looked me up and down before shouldering open the portals. But the moment I stepped inside, my night erupted with music and light. Dapper crowds surged up and down the antique stairs, the men dressed in tuxedos with wingtip collars and bow ties, the women in flapper dresses and cascades of feathers. I squeezed my way beneath glittering chandeliers, past oil paintings of long-gone actors, into wood-paneled rooms where musicians were belting out raucous jazz and blues. Bartenders shook up Gin Rickeys, Sazeracs and Mary Pickfords. The main parlor was packed with swing dancers. I was at a “retro nouveau” Prohibition party, open to anyone who could buy a ticket and a pair of spats or a vintage chemise. The only concession to the 21st century was the absence of smoke. Manhattan’s fascination with the Prohibition era—the period from 1920 to 1933 when the U.S. government issued a nationwide ban on alcohol—seems never-ending. In a city where almost any pleasure is available around the clock, New Yorkers are evidently compelled by a time when fun was forbidden. Those years now inspire a host of parties all over the city evoking the period. For travelers, the events provide access to venues that might otherwise be off-limits, like the members- only Player’s Club (a seasonal soiree hosted by Prohibition Productions), or allow a fresh view of classic New York sites... even swing dance parties on the decks of the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier...  Prohibition Productions throws weekly swing dance parties, and events at unique venues."  [ link to full story ]

Time Out NY (April 2017)
"The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum will once again host a 1940s-style swing dancing event on the flight deck of the historic aircraft carrier on May 27. The massive event, which celebrates the music, dancing and style of the swing era, will feature over 90 performers including three NYC-based big bands: The Harlem Renaissance Orchestra, the Glenn Crytzer Orchestra with guest vocalist Hannah Gill and Gunhild Carling with the Swingadelic Big Band..." [link to full story]

Time Out NY (Oct 2016)
"Were you a flapper or a dandy in a past life (or did you just buy some killer Gatsby-esque vintage duds that you've been dying to find an excuse to wear)? Then go where both the roaring '20s and the dead come back to life at The Salons annual retro nouveau (Halloween) bash: three floors and three different strains of throwback music (swing, blues, and hot jazz), provided by both live bands and DJs for all you ghouls in monocles and demons in sequin dresses to boogie down to."

The New York Times (Feb 2016) 
The hedonistic frenzy of the Jazz Age can still be experienced today in high style at The Salon, a weekly speakeasy-style party at the Gansevoort Park Rooftop (“Prohibition Saturdays”), as well as a monthly “Big Band First Friday.” It attracts a dapper Gatsby-esque crowd, many of whom are afi- cionados of swing dancing and arcane steps like the Lindy Hop. The revelry continues at special events like the New York Hot Jazz Festival on May 3, when 16 bands, 8 solo pianists and a total of more than 130 musicians offer 12 hours of jazz. Among the stars of the shebang are Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks, who played on HBO’s ’20s drama “Boardwalk Empire.”

Flavorpill (April 2015)
"Five days after the premiere of MAD MEN's final season, vintage fete The Salon throws a bash likely to be the most envied of all the send-off parties for the show. Through some dark magic they got their hands on the unopened antique 1960s booze bottles used as props on set... there's more than enough for a full night of Draper-worthy cocktails."

The New York Times (Feb 2015) 
GOING ‘MAD’ (1960s) - Madison Avenue has never been more in fashion thanks to the hit AMC series “Mad Men,” and on April 10 the Salon is hosting a party dedicated to the show at the Player’s Club, the atmospheric actor’s refuge on Gramercy Park once frequented by Edwin Booth and Mark Twain. Live bands will feature music from the era, and the cocktails will be “antique” — using actual spirits that were appar- ently used on the “Mad Men” set and purchased directly from the network. “Imagine drinking a Manhattan made from 50-year-old rye,” mused Patrick Soluri, the event’s organizer.

The New York Times (May 2014)
“well-turned-out young couples danced among the crowd. It was about 11 hours into the second New York Hot Jazz Festival, and the energy was far from flagging... In case you weren’t aware, these are boom times for throwback jazz in New York City... this movement has lately had an infusion of precocious youth and fresh enthusiasm, with an eager, style-conscious audience to match... ”

Wall Street Journal (Feb 2013)
“If you can't be in New Orleans this week, The Salon is making every effort to capture all the madness and gaiety of the French quarter and deposit it on Delancey Street. Following the format of its highly enjoyable New Year's Eve blowout, the Salon will fill each of the DL's three floors with a different band... highly recommended.” 

Wall Street Journal (June  2012) 
“The Retro Nouveau scene, whose events combine traditional jazz and swing bands with social dancing, vintage costumes, burlesque and vaudeville, reaches its pinnacle in summer... the biggest event in Manhattan is the July 4 Spectacular..” 

Wall Street Journal  (June  2011) 
"The three bands alone make it worth your while to skip the Hamptons for this event..." 

Time Out NY  ( 2010/11) 
Critics' Pick / Best of the Week
“Four of Gotham's top retro-minded posses... team up for a vintage-style Independence Day blowout on the Empire Hotel's rooftop...”

NY Post
"Break out that pair of suspenders you've been hiding..."

"A little bit of classical American everything..."